Sunday, February 25, 2007

Master Address Book for Abassis Work Desktop

Among the various features lacking in Abassis Work Desktop - the reason why the work does not end at the version 1.0 - is a master database for address book entries. Currently, if you need to input the same contact in two projects, you must insert the information twice. This means more work for the users and leads to a problem when trying to keep information up to date.

I'm currently working on a solution for this problem, a master address book database that contains all address book entries stored in all projects. Why is this feature lacking? I needed to think deeply about all the issues involved, for example: when one moves a project from one computer to another, how to keep the contacts in synch?

I've decided to implement the solution in two steps. In the first step, the master database for address book entries will be automatically created based on the current projects, and there will be an option to add an existing entry to another project. In the second and last step, there will be available an "Address Book" window in order to view and edit the master database entries, and review in which projects each entry is stored.

A good news is that this feature is backwards compatible with the current version of Abassis Work Desktop, so when it becomes available, everyone can upgrade and no contact information will be lost, only the option to add existing contacts to other projects will appear on the program.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Troubles With Accounts in Abassis Finance Manager?

Let's say that you are a regular user of Abassis Finance Manager. You start to manage all your finances with the software, and create a dozen accounts to properly manage every fund/bank account/credit card you have. Then you discover that once you have more accounts than screen estate, the program shows a scroll bar in the grid, as it should. Except that it does not allocate enough display space to show the amounts in each account!

This bug was fixed in version If you suffer from this or any other small bug, the first thing to do is visit the AFM website and check out if you are using the latest version. Compare the version listed on the download page with the version listed in the About window of the program (menu Help->About...).

If the bug persists and you are using the latest version, please contact me. I'm pretty sure that I can help you out! ;-)

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Road Ahead

As Abassis Work Desktop is finally available for download, the real work on it just began. What is exactly the target market for the program? Would it be considered an option for Outlook users? I need to gather input from users to decide which features are missing and properly position Abassis Work Desktop on the market to make it a viable product.

Remember that there is a paid version of Abassis Work Desktop, for commercial use. It must offer enough incentives for people to save real money, in order to convince them to invest some of the possible gains purchasing the product.

Meanwhile I'm bug fixing and testing the program, to make the current version even more stable. If you can, please try Abassis Work Desktop, and let me know what you think it needs to become a useable tool.

While I was writing this, I rad a blog post about exactly what I'm going through.

Winners don't quit, and quitters don't win

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Abassis Work Desktop Launched!

Ok, I have to confess that I gave up trying to predict when AWD would be done. I'm used to the way technology works, we never know if getting something done will take 5 minutes or 5 hours.

Finally AWD is on the website. There are lots of things to improve, which is a good sign. Soon version 1.1 will have proper support for USB portable storage devices.

Well, hope you like it. AWD is a bit different from Abassis Finance Manager. It is free for personal use, but paid for commercial use. I hope that this move will make AWD as popular as AFM is, meanwhile we gather the resources needed to improve it even more.

Please drop me a line if you use AWD, with your first impressions and suggestions to improve it!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're Back

Sorry about the inconvenience, unfortunately Abassis' site has been offline for the last two weeks, while our hosting company kicked us out and we searched for a good substitute. Funny how unprofessionalism costs a company customers: our previous hosting company was apparently sold to a third party, who didn't setup the billing system correctly. So we were receiving warnings of the billing department and at the same time they couldn't charge our credit card.

I hope the new host lasts as long as the previous one, where we stayed for about three years. Moving a website is such a headache that I always try to avoid it.

Now we are back online, and preparing for a major change in October, with the introduction of Abassis Work Desk, another great product from yours truly. ;-)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

September Is Here

I'm finishing up Work Desktop, and now I have to deal with an unexpected problem: our host server just kicked us out. I think they were bought by another company, anyway they don't let us pay the service by credit card, and took the site out of air because of lack of payment (thanks!). Now I have to find a new host and configure the abassis website before launching Work Desktop, what a pain!

I still expect to end September with Abassis Work Desktop online.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Work Desktop By September

I've been pretty busy the last few months, working on the first version of Abassis Work Desktop. I'm glad to announce that I've reached 90% of feature complete status for the application. This means that it only lacks two or three windows to be complete.

I still need to work on the website, help file and install package before releasing it. My target is to put online a crude version of everything by september. One of the big advantages of the internet is that one can do a release anytime he wants, so the updat cycle is almost nonexistant. It's possible to find a bug and fix it on the same day, in order to not affect the next users to download the software.

Meanwhile I'm playing with other names for Work Desktop. What is it that once the name is defined, others always seem more attractive? Due to Windows Vista, I think that PortaDesk could be an option, or PocketDesk for a version with full support for pen drives.

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