Thursday, June 03, 2004

New version 1.2

Version 1.2 is on the site, finally. Sorry about the delay, We got major bumps on the road with the update of the development tool. But now it'll be at least 2 years before a new upgrade is needed!

We implemented an interesting feature on this new realease: an integrated seller (eSellerates' Intergrated eSeller). This is a piece of sotware from our new software commerce provider, eSellerate, which is shipped with Abassis. Now you can buy the program through this piece of software (it has a secure connection with the eSellerate servers) and Abassis will be automatically registered in your name right after the transaction is concluded.

With the unrealiability of e-mail to send registration keys because of SPAM filters, this new integrated seller is a great method to instantly buy Abassis Finance Manager without hassles.

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