Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Abassis Work Desk - Feedback

I've posted about the Abassis Work Desk idea on the business of software forum in Joel on Software. Here is some of the feedback I got. Thanks guys!

Sounds kinda like basecamp, which is a good idea, and a market that could probably support a few new players.


Why can't I accomplish the same functionality with MS Outlook on the client and server-side Exchange and synchronization between them? Most of the sales people I know use that already.

Alex Moskalyuk

I think the biggest problem will be in trying to integrate with all of the other external data sources. For example, do I still need to use Outlook to send and receive mail or will your product take over that responsibility? If I still need to use Outlook, Project, Word, etc. anyway then why do I want one more tool to have to bother with?


Lots of people have been doing exactly this using CVS for quite a while. I use Subversion, but it's essentially the same thing.

Just automate the commit/update cycle and you have what you're talking about....


Your description is a bit general, but I think the GOAL you're after "all your project's digital resources accessible in one view/screen" is a VERY GOOD *goal*. I think it may be difficult to implement.

Mr. Analogy {ISV}

What I think Mauricio is talking about is much better if he can get it to work. I'd love to be able to sit down anywhere, at any PC and open up to the same workspace I last left - just like as if I'd pressed "standby" and came back.

I know that you can sync your repositories and get files from Outlook, but software should go further. If I've got the SW on both machines, everything should be the same. Key mappings, window placements, the position of the scroll bar, the zoom setting on my PDF spec, the page of the CHM for the API I'm looking at - EVERYTHING. And with the push of a button it's all zipped up and on a USB key then I can go home and resume work push another button and be back up and running EXACTLY where I left off.

I mean, why not?

That would save countless hours. That's the kind of integration and immersion you'd need. I'd pay for that. I know I'd get my boss to pay for that too. This kind of software needs to get written.


Early criticism is important for new ventures. This helps avoid making so much effort on things without a chance of success. Of course, you have to take every input with a grain of salt. I have just a few friends with enough experience in technology that I can share my ideas and get some criticism, and most of them are burned already because of all my previous tries, that they do not expect me to ever succeed. It was nice to hear from people on the Joel forum, I got some great insights, and I think the idea resisted the walk through the "Polish Corridor".

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