Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Abassis Work Desk

I decided that the name of this new product will be "Abassis Work Desk", does it sound good? A friend of mine suggested "Virtual Work Desk Anywhere", but I thought it had too many adjectives *grin*

English is not my first language, I find it really hard to come with good names for products. As some sites order software alfabetically, I decided to just use the name of the company (Abassis) and what the software does.

For this one I tried to come with some combination of words related to the product, like project, tasks, job, work, and what it does, like virtual, focus, handy, but to no success. My concept of success is that the name of the product returns my website as one of the top three links on Google, and any search with such combinations on Google returns millions of hits already.

One feature Outlook doesn't have is the guarantee that you have all the documents needed for the project/task with you, up to date. As I said, this software will be a sort of cockpit, integrating with other applications where needed and adding features that none of them have.

I'm making this software based on my needs and by analysing the people working around me. For example, though the sales people all have notebooks with base stations, they still most times have to ask coleagues to send documents on the network by e-mail, because they forgot to bring the documents with them.

For myself, I have Source Safe on my main workplace, and don't have access to it at the customer site nor at home. In some situations I lost code due to making changes in files that weren't up to date.

Outlook is good stuff, but AFAIK it does not have a way to FTP its data so you are able to open at home the same Outlook data you have at work.

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