Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Product

After a few months doing nothing but recovering from all the past failures, I think that I'm ready to go back on developing new products. I'm working on a new product. My idea is a work desk for projects. Everything one needs to work on some project, in only one window, with support for mobile users through a sync or ftp backup/retrieval feature.

I thought about this idea because I work at two different places besides at home, and at every place I have a different enviroment and tools, and no way to keep all of then in sync. This software would be handy for me. I learned my lesson, if I don't eat my dog food, and use my own software daily, no chance of it ever becoming good.

This product will be a mix of Outlook and Source Safe. The user can create projects, where he adds calendar events, browser bookmarks, relevant e-mails, document files, adress book entries, annotations and to do tasks.

So, in this sort of project cockpit, the user see the tasks to work on, the contacts, the files, everything that when he turns on his computer he will be able to get right back to work. And if the user have to go on a business trip, work on the customer site or simply work at home, with this software he is always sure that he has all the data he needs, in the latest version.

This is the type of software that I think is a good candidate to use the strategy of free for personal use and paid for commercial use, which I want to try out. Some companies would like to have something like this specialy for their notebook enabled employees.

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