Saturday, April 30, 2005

Error with Abassis on XP

I can't believe that I didn't see an error in Abassis. Due to XP theming, some information on Abassis' main windows didn't show. The background of the panels were incorrectly changed to white, and as the font color was also white, users could not identify what each account grid was all about.

Thanks to user Rini W for pinting it out. I promptly update the install package to fix it, and am posting this. Now I must update all screenshots, *sigh*.... Well if you have downloaded version 1.3 before April, 30th, please download and install it again ok?

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Analysis of Abassis Freeware Edition

It's time for a first analysis of Abassis Finance Manager, after it became freeware. As I expected, site traffic and the number of downloads soared as the download sites started to list Abassis as freeware. This is the current traffic breakdown:

Apr 2005 - 594 Mb (until the 15th, expected to break 1,200 Mb for the month)
Mar 2005 - 997 Mb
Feb 2005 - 514 Mb
Jan 2005 - 161 Mb
Dec 2004 - 130 Mb

The traffic growth is awesome. There are lots of reasons, the most important ones is that it is a new update, Abassis Finance Manager is now listed on freeware only sites, and of course it is now freeware.

Another good result from this move is that Abassis Finance Manager is now on the first page of results when searching for "finance manager" on Google. We've never had such a good position before in search results.

Of course the main lesson is a dull one, free things attract more attention than paid ones. Nonetheless, software authors should think about having a freeware software along their commercial offerings, in order to increase website rankings in search engines and the number of visitors.

Now I noticed that "finance manager" is not a hot search term. The champ among finance manager related terms is "personal finance". I will try something I never did before: renaming a product. The product formely known as Abassis Finance Manager will now on be called "Abassis Personal Finance Manager". Will it work? I intend to get on the first page of results from google for the terms "finance manager" and "personal finance". Let's see how it works out.

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