Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Too Busy to Work on Abassis

I've got a paying gig, to develop some software solution for a company. It should be pretty small and fast to conclude, but things did not go as smooth as planned. This prevented me of working on Abassis Finance Manager or Abassis Work Desk, since I agreed to have the solution done by the end of this month.

Besides working on a full time job, I try to work at home whenever it's possible on my side projects. After this experience, I see that I should keep my efforts to my own projects. I don't have enough time to compromise on a delivery date, and having to work on sunny weekends is not fun. Besides, my two and a half years old daughter does not understand why Dad has to sit in front of the computer instead of playing with her.

This is my first and last paying gig for a long long time...

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