Thursday, August 10, 2006

Work Desktop By September

I've been pretty busy the last few months, working on the first version of Abassis Work Desktop. I'm glad to announce that I've reached 90% of feature complete status for the application. This means that it only lacks two or three windows to be complete.

I still need to work on the website, help file and install package before releasing it. My target is to put online a crude version of everything by september. One of the big advantages of the internet is that one can do a release anytime he wants, so the updat cycle is almost nonexistant. It's possible to find a bug and fix it on the same day, in order to not affect the next users to download the software.

Meanwhile I'm playing with other names for Work Desktop. What is it that once the name is defined, others always seem more attractive? Due to Windows Vista, I think that PortaDesk could be an option, or PocketDesk for a version with full support for pen drives.

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