Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're Back

Sorry about the inconvenience, unfortunately Abassis' site has been offline for the last two weeks, while our hosting company kicked us out and we searched for a good substitute. Funny how unprofessionalism costs a company customers: our previous hosting company was apparently sold to a third party, who didn't setup the billing system correctly. So we were receiving warnings of the billing department and at the same time they couldn't charge our credit card.

I hope the new host lasts as long as the previous one, where we stayed for about three years. Moving a website is such a headache that I always try to avoid it.

Now we are back online, and preparing for a major change in October, with the introduction of Abassis Work Desk, another great product from yours truly. ;-)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

September Is Here

I'm finishing up Work Desktop, and now I have to deal with an unexpected problem: our host server just kicked us out. I think they were bought by another company, anyway they don't let us pay the service by credit card, and took the site out of air because of lack of payment (thanks!). Now I have to find a new host and configure the abassis website before launching Work Desktop, what a pain!

I still expect to end September with Abassis Work Desktop online.

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