Saturday, January 13, 2007

Troubles With Accounts in Abassis Finance Manager?

Let's say that you are a regular user of Abassis Finance Manager. You start to manage all your finances with the software, and create a dozen accounts to properly manage every fund/bank account/credit card you have. Then you discover that once you have more accounts than screen estate, the program shows a scroll bar in the grid, as it should. Except that it does not allocate enough display space to show the amounts in each account!

This bug was fixed in version If you suffer from this or any other small bug, the first thing to do is visit the AFM website and check out if you are using the latest version. Compare the version listed on the download page with the version listed in the About window of the program (menu Help->About...).

If the bug persists and you are using the latest version, please contact me. I'm pretty sure that I can help you out! ;-)

If I have an older version and istall this one, will I lose my old data?

Thank you.
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Thank you for this great tool.
Looking forward to new versions, maybe an image in front of each transaction showing if it's withdraw or deposit.
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