Sunday, February 25, 2007

Master Address Book for Abassis Work Desktop

Among the various features lacking in Abassis Work Desktop - the reason why the work does not end at the version 1.0 - is a master database for address book entries. Currently, if you need to input the same contact in two projects, you must insert the information twice. This means more work for the users and leads to a problem when trying to keep information up to date.

I'm currently working on a solution for this problem, a master address book database that contains all address book entries stored in all projects. Why is this feature lacking? I needed to think deeply about all the issues involved, for example: when one moves a project from one computer to another, how to keep the contacts in synch?

I've decided to implement the solution in two steps. In the first step, the master database for address book entries will be automatically created based on the current projects, and there will be an option to add an existing entry to another project. In the second and last step, there will be available an "Address Book" window in order to view and edit the master database entries, and review in which projects each entry is stored.

A good news is that this feature is backwards compatible with the current version of Abassis Work Desktop, so when it becomes available, everyone can upgrade and no contact information will be lost, only the option to add existing contacts to other projects will appear on the program.

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