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Abassis Finance Manager v1.4 released
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  Abassis Finance Manager

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ABASSIS FINANCE MANAGER - Create your personal budget and manage your finances
for Windows« 95/98/ME/2000/2003/XP

Freeware software, completely free for everyone!
Manage Your Finances Better
Abassis Finance Manager is a very easy to use yet powerful system to deal with the basic aspects of personal finance management: how much one earns per month, a budget about how this person plans to spend it and budget tracking by controlling the real expenses and payments of bills.

Abassis Finance Manager has a loose way of work, very similar to a spread sheet. Compared to the strict control of checking accounts that other software implement, this may be seem like a disadvantage, but the focus of this program is to manage the big picture of the finances easily, without the burden of tracking every single transaction occurred within an account.

Main Concepts of Abassis Finance Manager
The main entities on Abassis Finance Manager are transactions and accounts. An account means any place which can hold money or debt, like pocket money, savings and checking accounts, or even debts to pay. Transactions are operations that move money to and from accounts, like salary income or household bills payments.

The transactions are sorted by category and sub-category, allowing an analysis of how much is spent into each area of your life, like in education, shopping or entertainment.

The fraction of time that Abassis Finance Manager deals with is called a month. You may want to control every transaction that occurs in May, and have the month of May spanning from the first to the last day of the month. If your monthly pay day is at the 10th of the month, you may want to treat the transactions occurred the days before it was occurred in April, since you are paying them with April's salary check. Then you can setup the month of April to start at the 10th of April and go until the 9th of May.

The first and last day of the month information is informative only, working as a reference as you input transactions. A transaction can be postponed to other month, so it appears in a month with the status "postponed", and it will reappear on the next month as pending.

Creating a Monthly Budget

The first steps in using Abassis Finance Manager are done through a wizard. This wizard will help you define how to control each month, and which transactions are related to your finance scenario.

After the wizard is finished, you will want to finish your budget for the month, by adding any extra transactions that are due, like extra bills, and finally the system will have a clear figure of how much you have to date, how much will be spent and received in the month. If the final amount is negative, you may need to start balancing your budget, deciding where you can spend less or which transactions can be postponed.

This budget can be copied to other months, when you select the recurring transactions from the previous period. After the first month it becomes easier to manage your budget, since you only have to enter the transactions that didn’t exist in the previous month.

Main Features
easily create a personal budget
track expenses with detail
manage and get rid of debt
improve your savings account
categorize transactions
month driven processing
Top Reasons to Use It
do more while spending less
eliminate stress regarding your finances
prepare for difficult times
make your money work for you
live a well balanced life
read inspiring quotes about money and success
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Abassis Finance Manager version 1.4 is now available.
Download the freeware version of Abassis Finance Manager and find out for yourself just how easy it can be to create a personal budget and manage your finances! Click here to download it now!
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