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Save hundreds per month.
Manage your finances better with Abassis:
- create a personal budget
- track expenses
- get rid of debt
- improve your savings account

Start right now! Create your budget with Abassis!
Abassis is Freeware, this means it is completely free!
Get your FREE download today, and try it by yourself!


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Why should you manage your finances with Abassis?
  • do more while spending less
  • eliminate stress
  • prepare for difficult times
  • make your money work for you
  • live a well balanced life
All Abassis users enjoy free lifetime technical support!

Features in Abassis include :

  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Flexibility by using XML to store data, any other XML supporting application can read
  • Support for most types of accounts and transactions
  • Month driven processing
  • Inspiring quotes about money and success
Abassis version 1.4 is now available.
Download the free trial of Abassis and find out for yourself just how easy it can be to create a personal budget and manage your finances!
Get your FREE download today, and try it by yourself!

Abassis v1.4 released
Abassis is now freeware
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How to install?
It's very easy to download and install Abassis. Click on the download page and follow the instructions!
Why not use a spreadsheet?
Spreadsheets are easy to use, but they are generic and do not have near half the features of Abassis, which is a tool specialized on finance and budget management.
Will I be able to use it?
Abassis is very easy to use. You will have no difficult setting it up and managing your finances. And you have free support from us if you ever need it.
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