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Abassis Finance Manager v1.4 released
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Screenshot 1 - Wizard
Wizard to help you start using the program, where simple steps help you setup your accounts, main sources of income and periodical expenses
Screenshot 2 - Categories of Expenses
Abassis Finance Manager comes preloaded with dozens of categories of the most common expenses, allowing you to customize it and create your own types of expenses
Screenshot 3 - Main Window
The main window has everything you need to manage your finances daily. What are the due dates of each expense, which bill are paid, and how much will be left in your accounts after all the expenses are paid
Screenshot 4 - Expense Properties
Abassis Finance Manager controls each expense, with its due dade, which account will be used to pay, and what is the amount of the expense, besides a comment field to annotate information related to the expense
Screenshot 5 - Expense Payments
Abassis Finance Manager supports expense with one or more payments - example the electricity bill, which is paid only once per month, and the groceries bill, which can have a new payment every week
Screenshot 6 - Analysis Charts
Charts in the form of pie and lines help you analyse your expenses evolution and distribution, which is the first step when trying to cut expenses
Screenshot 7 - Report
You can also print a statement of your expenses, to keep track of them when at someplace where you do not have access to Abassis Finance Manager
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